Inspect Your Deck for Repairs Before Fall

How to Inspect your Deck for Repairs

Summer is coming to a close and while the weather is still dry and warm, we recommend that you take this time to inspect your deck’s structure. Inspecting your deck is easy. Just follow the instructions below. Start by looking at areas close to the ground or areas that are close to water.

Maintaining Your Deck Ledgerinspect your deck for repairs

Is your ledger in good shape? The majority of deck collapses are because the ledgers are damaged. You can check your ledger by looking at the piece that attaches the deck to the house. A deck that is built properly should have a ledger that is attached with lag screws. Check all of the beams and posts for signs of rust or rot.

How to Properly Inspect Deck Stairs

Is your deck rotting?  Grab a flat-blade screwdriver. Then using the screwdriver to check by looking at where the stairs meet the ground around the stringers. Next, take the screwdriver and probe the perimeter posts. If they move more than a quarter of an inch, then you could have rot.

Assessing Your Deck Railings Before the Winter Season

Are your railings showing any sign that they are not stable?  Railings that are loose or have damage need to be replaced immediately. These can be assessed by shaking the posts to check for movement on the rails. Railings that are not fully intact can lead to an injury.

How to Properly Check Decking Boards

Over time your decking boards may start develop cracks or begin to rot. It is recommended to get the piece replaced if there is any damage as soon as possible.

Don’t over deck-o-rate ! How Decorations Can Harm Your Deck

Sometimes our customers go overboard with decorations and greenery. We often remind customers to keep greenery at least a foot away from the deck. This is to lessen the chances of your deck rotting or molding. Furniture and flower pots can also cause discoloration of your deck.

Miles Bradley Building is available for deck repairs in Metro Detroit or Chicago all year around. Don’t let a minor problem that could have easily been fixed turn into a costly beast! Miles Bradley would love to assist you in maintaining a safe and secure deck that can be enjoyed for years to come. Don’t delay! Fill out our repair quote form or Contact us now at 248.478.8660 for our Metro Detroit office and 847.665.9301 for our Chicago office.

We look forward to speaking with you! Have a great fall season.

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New Ide Deck Built in Lake Orion, MI!

Miles Bradley is on a roll this summer! Built in Lake Orion, MI, our Ide Deck was designed to our customer’s liking with Trex Transcend Composite Decking Products. Not only did we build everything to their preference, but we added a little of our flavor as well.deck built by miles bradley

When building this deck, we used;

Along with that, we added;

  •  Trex Transcend Vintage Lantern Double board borders
  • Vintage Lantern Railings and black square aluminum balusters

This is Trex Composite Decking shown at its very best! If you would like more details of these products or this particular Ide Deck build in Lake Orion MI, do not hesitate to call or contact us Miles Bradley Building today! We would love to transform your backyard into something amazing.

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New Radius Deck Building Project in Clarkston, MI

We did it again! Do you enjoy the unique decks we build here at Miles Bradley Building And Remodeling, Inc? Our deck contractors brainstormed with the homeowner, planned and designed all attributes of the deck; composite material, framing, railing and lighting. Now,  we just finished our latest project, yet!! Introducing the Radius Deck!

Our Deck Building Contractors built this Radius Deck, using radius deck using trex in clarkston michiganthese Trex products;

  • Trex Transcend Vintage Lantern Decking
  • Trex Transcend White Rail Post
  • Trex Transcend Vintage Lantern Railings
  • Black Round Aluminum Baluster

This type of deck is curved which makes it all the more unique and interesting because the framing of the deck materials are rigid and straight. We typically use a variety of posts, footings, and angled dropped beams to hold the joists in place that extends across the curved arc. Sketching a radius deck is much easier than actually building it but with our skills, we get the job done fast, at a reasonable price!

Miles Bradley appreciates our customers and love to see them happy. Our recent project done in Clarkston, MI is just a sample of all of the wonderful form of designs we can build.

If you are interested in having a Radius Deck built right outside of your backyard, contact us today for a FREE ESTIMATE! Want to know more about Miles Bradley? Check out our about page.


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New Deck Built with Composite Decking in Novi Michigan

Miles Bradley has been busy this summer! Offering a variety of composite deck materials that comes in different grain patterns and colors, along with full deck planning and all the extras you can add onto your deck. As a certified Trex Pro Platinum builder we build low maintenance deck using composite deck materials.

Check out this new deck build In Novi, MI with our favorite products from Trex.

Trex is composed from recycled wood and plastic waste in which is put back into the manufacturing line. Once you use Trex, you’ll understand that Trex is more than just a designer of wonderful decks, but is also one of the best decisions to make for outdoor living.

Not only is Trex the leader of outdoor living, a pro at shell technology, and is eco-friendly, but Trex also comes in many styles for our customers to enjoy.

Trex Elevations

Talk about perfection assembled from the ground up! This steel deck framing is the most important part of your deck space. Named as one of the “101 Best New Products” in 2013, deck built using trex transcend Trex Elevations is known for their greenest structures and high performance.

Trex Transcend

This style of Trex is popular for their wood-grain beauty and unrivaled low maintenance. New color for 2015 is Havana Gold and Spiced Rum. Contact Us for full deck color options.

  • Earth friendly-Trex Transcend is made up of 95% of recycled materials from plastic packaging to recycled wood and sawdust.
  • Hassle free-When using Trex Transcend, you don’t have to worry about painting, staining, or sanding. The only thing that is required for Transcend decking is washing with soap and water.
  • Unparalleled beauty-Trex Transcend is made to look ageless, even after decades of being installed. Highlighting eight rich and distinct colors, this deck can be made to your preference.

If you’re looking for a certified Trex Platinum Contractor, Miles Bradley is the one to call. As our customer, we promise to provide you with exceptional product and workmanship. Contact us today if you are looking to improve your home!

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May is Michigan Deck Safety Month

Schedule Your Michigan Deck Inspection

Miles Bradley Building  is promoting deck safety awareness all throughout the month of May in Michigan. We want to encourage everyone to regularly inspect their older decks to make sure that they are safe.

Over the years, code requirements for decks have changed. Older decks may not be built to adhere today’s code requirements. Code requirements were established to protect the consumer. Some older decks were not built using the correct deck tension hardware which can cause ledger failures.

As a supporter of NADRA or the North America Deck and Railing Association, we are highly qualified deck builders that can provide this deck inspection for you.  Miles Bradley has the training, expertise, and special knowledge to provide deck inspections. All decks that we construct are up to code. Check out a printable deck inspection checklist or contact us now for your professional deck inspection.

Michigan Deck Inspection Checklist

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How to Properly Clean Your Trex Deck

Spring is in the air in the Metro Detroit area. When spring cleaning your house, don’t forget about  your Michigan deck. Leaving stains or improperly cleaning your deck can lead to the warranty on your deck being voided out. Miles Bradley recommends that you watch the video below to learn the proper steps to clean your composite custom deck in Novi, Northville or all over southeastern Michigan.

How to Properly Clean Your Trex Deck Without Voiding Your Warranty

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Cost of New Deck Building in Michigan and Illinois

Spring is the season for deck building in Michigan and Illinois. During this season, we get many questions asking about the cost of a new deck. There are many deck building companies out there but few can compete with the high quality workmanship, materials and knowledge that Miles Bradley provides. We will tell you all you need to know about the procedures and costs of getting a new deck built for you home.

Miles Bradley cost guideline for a typical new custom deck construction.

The average deck is around 300-400 square feet.

  • Pressure treated wood deck can cost around $8,500-$12,000 depending on how it is constructed.
  • Cedar decks can cost between $10,000 and $13,000 depending on the specs of the deck.
  • Composite decks can cost between $13,000 and $19,000. Check out our Trex Low Maintenance Composite Decks, don’t let the price discourage you, these decks are built to stand up to the outdoor weather. There is no need to paint, seal or stain they last up to warping, weathering and insects.

Deck cost pricing includes; permits from the city, clean up, labor, material , warranty, and some beautiful rail lighting.(We add in to thank you for your business!)

The prices above are for a complete deck construction. Your custom deck will vary within the pricing. Contact us for pricing on building a new deck for your home.

Custom Deck features can increase deck building cost;

Your options are endless! Keep in mind custom features such as curved rails, steel frames, spiral staircases, radius decks, and custom decking patterns can increase costs.

The first day of spring has started, right now is the perfect time to have Miles Bradley help design and build your custom deck. Call our Detroit Michigan office: 248-478-8660 or our Chicago Illinois office: 847-665-9301 for new deck building costs in your area.


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Building New Decks In New Construction Lyon Twp 2015

Every year in Michigan there are thousands of new homes being built. The new construction for new homes never fails and we are always ahead to fulfill this opportunity for being your local deck building company. There is a parade of new homes going up in South Lyon and Lyon Township and that’s where you’ll find us! Lyon Twp Building for Deck Permits

We have been busy working with new home owners in Lyon Twp. on planning and designing custom built Trex composite decks and pressure treated decks for their new home.

Pressure treated decks are becoming more popular and we see this being a big trend this coming year in 2015

Miles Bradley Building can help you when deciding what type of deck you want for your home. Many home owners battle between the difference and deciding whether they want a composite deck vs a pressure treated wood deck to be built for their Michigan home. Our professional expert deck builders are trained and can educate you on the best type of deck to build for you home.

We cater to numerous cities around Lyon Twp. and South Lyon in Oakland County, building new and rebuilding old decks. We also do many repairs for existing decks on older homes. Let us not leave out the other exciting features we can add and build into your deck;

  • Enclosures and Gazebos
  • Deck Railings and Privacy Walls
  • Trellis, Pergolas and Pillars

The possibilities on designing and building your deck are almost endless, from a one story simple deck to a enormous two story wrap around we are your local Michigan deck builders and we are happy to cater to your unique needs and home. Don’t let 2015 pass you by, get ready for the spring and contact us to get your deck built in time to enjoy it all summer long!

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How to Maintain Your Winter Deck

The recent Michigan snow fall has stirred up concerns for new deck owners on how to properly maintain their deck during the winter months. We often get questions about removing the snow on your deck in the winter. As your trusted deck building company, we are happy to address any concerns that you may have about maintaining your deck in the winter.

Should I remove the snow from my deck? 

You do not have to remove the snow from the deck. We only recommend that you clear a path if the deck is connected to your house to avoid accidents.

Will my deck collapse if I don’t remove the snow from it ?

Your deck will not collapse from the added weight from the snow. Miles Bradley builds miles bradley deckhigh quality low maintenance decks that are built to withstand the Michigan winter. When you mix Trex decking with our great workmanship, you get a strong deck that can handle the weight from people , furniture, or snow.

Will I mess up the deck by shoveling it ?

If you plan to shovel the snow off of your deck, we recommend that you use a rubber shovel. Metal shovels can possibly scratch up your deck. When shoveling, we also recommend that you use one big stroke and run the shovel down the length of the boards.

What products are recommended to remove snow and ice?

To remove snow and ice, we recommend that you use rock salt or calcium chloride.

Thanks for being a valued customer of Miles Bradley. We look forward to another great year with you.

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Deck the halls in Downtown Detroit or Chicago

Celebrate the Holidays in Downtown Detroit or Chicago!

On behalf of Miles Bradley, we would like to wish you a happy holidays. We appreciate your business and we look forward to spending another year servicing you.

Here are a list of things to do in Chicago or Detroit during the Christmas season.

Fun Things to do in Chicago during the holidays

The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker during the holiday is a must see. The production of The Nutcracker is being put on by the Joffrey Ballet Company at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago, Illinois.  The performance will be running from December 5-28th, 2014 at 2:00 pm and at 7:00 pm.

Holiday Lights Segway Tour

Visit downtown Chicago during the holiday season on Segway. During the Segway tour, you will visit the Christkindlmarket, Christmas Tree at Daley Center Plaza, and the holiday lights at Millennium Park and Chicago’s Theatre.

Fun Things to do in Detroit during the holidays

Wayne County Lightfest

The Wayne County Lightfest is the longest and largest show in the Midwest. It is running from now until December 31, 2014, but closed on Christmas Day. It features over four miles of holiday light displays.  The entry fee is $5.00 per car.

The Rink at Campus Martius Park

Ice skate in the heart of downtown Detroit at Campus Martius Park. This seasonal ice skating rink is open from now until March 1, 2014.


Have a great holiday!

Contact Miles Bradley for a quote. We are your affordable deck builders for multi-level deck building or pergolas or trellises that are low maintenance.

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