Invigorate an Old Deck by Redecking!

Please wait just a moment before you decide to demolish your deck and start from scratch, because there’s an alternative out there for you! If your deck is old and worn down but still has a solid, sound structure, there’s no need to tear it down. By simply redecking in Metro Detroit, MI, you can do away with the worn out decking and railing you currently have and replace it with the low-maintenance decking of your choosing. Oh, and you’ll save a lot of loot doing it!

If you have never heard of redecking, it is known as the process of having a deck resurfaced while maintaining and reusing the understructure of a deck. It allows deck owners to make changes and upgrades to their current deck without having to completely redo it, which results basically in a new deck – without the price of a new deck.

To find out if you are a candidate for redecking, all you have to do is inspect some details of your current deck and ask yourself a few questions, such as:

  • Are the footings sound?
  • What kind of condition is the wood/lumber in?
  • Does it still have structural integrity?
  • How are the details? (There should be at least a 1 3/8 inch lag screw into the ledger between each of your deck’s joists for a sturdy connection.)

Once you go through these steps and give a thorough examination to the framework’s structure you are free to have your Michigan decking professionals at Miles Bradley remove your old decking, at which time we will measure your joist spacing and prepare you for a quality redecking job!

There is now no reason to just settle for a deck that’s turning gray and is seemingly aging noticeably by the minute. The same goes for the accompanying railings – don’t stick with it if you’re unhappy with it! You don’t have to keep dedicating large portions of your weekend to cleaning, sanding, and sealing. Give up on the constant maintenance your current deck requires and embrace the redecking process at Miles Bradley! We’re ready when you are, so contact us today!

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Want a Deck Built? Financing Now Available!

As spring’s arrival gets closer and closer (no really, it’s coming), the window for you to save big by having a deck built this winter at Miles Bradley is coming closer and closer to slamming shut. If you’re someone who would love nothing more than to have a high quality low maintenance composite deck or cedar deck built in Detroit Michigan or Chicago, IL, but can’t quite afford it, then we have some great news for you: Financing is now available at Miles Bradley Building and Remodeling Inc!

Being that it’s tax season, now is an even a better time than earlier this winter to have a deck added to your property, because you can now take advantage of new financing plans. We’re offering a six-month, as well as a 12-month plan if you’d like to stretch the payments out a bit.

When you can couple the opportunity to save big during the decking offseason, and make quick and easy monthly payments to do it as opposed to putting one big dent in your savings account, it equals a big win for you, the customer. To learn the specifics about our new financing plans, contact Miles Bradley at either our Chicago office or Detroit office, today!


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Cheaper Lumber Means Lower Prices For Our Customers!

Did you know that the cost of lumber is considerably lower during the winter months? Lumber prices tend to fluctuate depending on the time of year. One of the main reasons why the wintertime is the absolute best to time to have your deck built with Miles Bradley is because it’s the time when lumber is cheapest!

Lower demand for construction throughout the U.S. in general has lowered the cost of lumber nationwide, but the demand is especially lower during the winter months as less people are embarking on their outdoor projects. This is where you can step in and become the big wood-1361917-mwinner.

We build our high quality decks, screened enclosures, gazebos, staircases, railings, or other great products in Michigan all year round, and we offer winter specials of 10-20% off your project!

It’s similar to the saying, “out of sight, out of mind” when it comes to having your deck built during the cold winter months. You naturally don’t think to have a deck built when you open your back curtains and just see mounds and mounds of snow, which we understand. But by the time the weather warms up, and you realize you enjoy being outside more often, you begin to think about adding on to your home. By thinking ahead and allowing us to take advantage of lowered costs of lumber right now during the winter, you not only save money but you make it so that you can lounge on your deck on the very first nice day of the year!

The low maintenance composite decks we build in Michigan can’t be beat, so don’t wait until the weather warms up and the price of lumber increases to start your project. Contact us now! Also, time is running out to capitalize on our offer of a free set of six rail lights with a photo/cell timer when you purchase your new deck. The deal expires on February 28 so make sure you don’t miss out!

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Get a Gazebo Built Before Spring!

Do you have a big backyard with a little too much open space in it? Maybe you want a place near your garden to sit and admire it from up close, or somewhere outdoors to host summer dinner parties or family get-togethers in, especially if you have people flowing out of your house during reunions already. If this is your line of thinking then a gazebo might be right up your alley!

Totally customizable, the deck building professionals at Miles Bradley can build your gazebo with or without a copula and top it off with whatever style of roof you prefer, including but not gazebo-938161-mlimited to:

  • Bell Shape
  • Double Stacked
  • Slotted
  • Square

As always, you can choose whatever type of wood you want your gazebo to be built out of and we can also add screen or storm windows if you’d prefer, so you have a place to hide if you get stuck outside during a storm! And, did you know that high quality wood or composite gazebos from Miles Bradley can add value to your Michigan property? A gazebo equipped with lighting, seating, or other accessories is almost like another room in your house!

From a place to shelter your hot tub to somewhere to relax with family and friends and enjoy nature, there are endless ways to enjoy a gazebo in Michigan! Being that springtime is still a few months away, you still have time to save cash by having your gazebo built during the off-season. Don’t wait until spring or summer when our deck building professionals have job after job lined up. Contact us to get your gazebo built now, for less money and in less time!

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Best Time to have a Deck Built!

Peering out your window into the backyard and seeing all that snow and ice probably doesn’t make you think about the spring and summer time…but it should! Just imagine lounging on your beautiful, custom made deck this summer. Now imagine lounging on it with a bunch of extra cash you saved by thinking ahead and getting your low-maintenance deck built during the winter!

By beating the spring and summer rush, you can save big in the decking off season with wooden-railing-with-hanging-clothes-1239061-mMiles Bradley! We are a certified Trex Platinum Contractor, which means you’ll be setting yourself up with a deck made out of the industry’s leader in high-performance composite decking!

In addition to our expertise in building rectangle, multi-level or two board-border decks we specialize in building:

  • 3 Season Sunrooms
  • Gazebos
  • Pergolas
  • Trellises
  • Screen Enclosures

And more! Think about it, by waiting until the weather warms up to decide you want a low-maintenance deck built in Michigan you are taking the risk of having your project put on a waiting list. But by getting your deck built now, while our decking professionals aren’t as busy, you can have your deck built quicker than usual. You’ll also save money doing it and can now take advantage of the great special we’re running, which earns you a free set of six rail lights (photo cell/timer included) with every deck purchased!

You might not be in a summer state-of-mind right now, but by having your deck built in the offseason you can save money and enjoy your deck as soon as the sun peeks out this spring; it’s a win-win! Contact us to find out more.

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Choosing Decking Material

The days of walking around our deck barefoot are over, but did you count how many splinters your old deck gave you this summer? Believe it or not, the type of material used when your deck is built can have a huge impact on how well or how long your deck will last. From wet to dry, hot to cold, or summer to winter, understanding decking material can make the difference of a deck lasting just 5 years, to a deck lasting 20 or more years!

The various weather conditions Michigan has to offer can take a toll on your deck. How do you know the winter snow or standing ice or water won’t ruin your deck? Have you heard about cedar decks? Here are some reasons why we recommend cedar decks to Michigan homeowners;deck-winter

  • aesthetically pleasing appearance of natural wood
  • resistant to moisture
  • cheaper alternative to composite decking
  • designed to protect against the unkind elements of the winter season

To save big on having your custom cedar deck built, be sure to schedule your deck build in the off season. Winter deck building is the perfect time to get great discounts, and allows you to use your deck on the very first day of spring!

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Prepare Your Deck For Winter

If you are looking to save time and money when cleaning and setting up your deck next spring, now is the perfect time to get a head start on preparing your deck for the winter. There are a few precautionary steps that you can take which will eliminate the surprise and/or expense come spring

  • Thoroughly clean your deck. Before doing anything else to prep your deck or patio for the winter, cleaning the entire deck is a must. Using a formulated deck cleaner, wash away dirt, dust, mold, or mildew from corner to corner.
  • Smooth your decks finish. winter-deckWalk around your deck and search for cracked or chipped areas of your decks finish. You will want to fix these problems as they will worsen and possible damage your wood come spring. Depending on the type of finish you have on your deck will determine the proper products for removing areas of finish that need to be restored.
  • Restore your decks finish. After you have removed unwanted finish from your deck, you will want to restore it before winter comes. If you leave them unfinished deterioration of the decks wood will occur, causing the need for wood replacement.
  • Seal your deck. Using a water repellant wood sealer, cover your entire deck. The water repellant will prevent sitting water from damaging the wood. Moisture spikes during the winter, as snow and ice tend to sit on decks. Not sealing your deck can cause wood to crack or warp from moisture.

Following the above steps can significantly save you from costly repairs. If your deck is already in need of replacement contact Miles Bradley Building and Remodeling in Michigan or Chicago, IL today, and ask about our low maintenance decks, eliminating the need for winter preparation!

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How to Clean a Trex Composite Deck

Has the weather and use taken it’s toll on your Trex Composite Deck? You can clean your deck and give it that new look again with little to no effort at all. We recommend Olympic Deck Cleaner, with Olympic Deck Cleaner a hose, sprayer and an optional scrub brush you can clean you whole Trex Composite Deck in one afternoon.

Trex composite decks are strong reliable decks that will maintain it’s beauty for years. But even the most reliable deck, will need cleaning from time to time, weather, people, animals and over all wear and tear takes its toll on any deck. With good cleaning and maintenance you can keep your Trex Composite Deck looking great for years to come.

If you are looking to have a Trex Composite Deck built or need some maintenance on your current deck, give Miles Bradley a call today at 248-478-8660 in the Detroit Area or 847-665-9301 in the Chicago Area. We are one of the premiere deck builders and you will be totally satisfied with your new composite or wood deck from Miles Bradley!

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Did Those Harsh Pool Chemicals Hurt Your Deck?

Are you still splashing around your pool? We know there are lots of things to take care of when caring for a pool amongst the pool toys, chemicals, temperature, cleaningpooldeck and safety but most people don’t think about the deck right beside the pool.

There are a few factors around your pool deck that play with your decks wear and tear around the pool; foot traffic, chemicals and sun exposure. These are three important things to consider when caring for your pool deck. With the pool water splashing on the deck, the sun beating down and people in, out and walking all over the deck through the summer it takes a toll on your deck. You will gradually see the color fade, cracks, holes and the wood wear out.

We can repair and give your deck a new coating to protect it from next years pool water damage. We can guide you on the best option for your deck;

  • Acrylic paint – drys quickly, keeps color well, resistant fading from chemicals and UV rays.
  • Anti-slip coating – contains texture for anti-slip grip
  • Epoxy Coating – fills in cracks and small holes, does not fade with pool chemicals or sun exposure.
  • Composite Decking

Are you ready to repair or completely rebuild your pool deck? We do complete deck remodeling or repairs whatever your deck needs. Want another color? Style? Advice? Call TODAY 248-478-8660 serving Michigan and the Chicago Land area.


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Get A New Deck for Summer Party!

Have you recently attended a BBQ, graduation party, or get together that on your way home had you telling yourself; “I wish I had my own beautiful deck.”? Well it’s not to late to have your deck built this summer and then start planning a gathering of your own!

With top of the line decking materials, accessories and service, Miles Bradley Beautiful_Deckwill work with you to have the deck of your dreams built before summer is over. Whether you are looking to have a second story balcony built, or beautiful deck off the back of your home, Miles Bradley has the resources to build you deck in time and within your budget. Small deck? Large deck? Single or multilevel deck? whether you live in Michigan or in Chicagoland it will be No Problem! The deck you have always wanted is a phone call away.

Until August 1st Miles Bradley is offering a free set of six rail lights with photo/cell timer when you have your new deck built. This is a deal you won’t want to miss!

Contact Miles Bradley today to find out how soon you can be enjoying the sun on your new deck!

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