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Low Cost Composite Decking Michigan

If you are on the hunt for low cost composite decks Michigan, or are looking for a low maintenance decking option in Michigan, Miles Bradley is here to help. Michigan composite decking is low maintenance and is becoming more and more popular amongst homeowners who are looking to add a high quality deck to their home.

With composite or low maintenance decking Michigan, there is no need to sand or refinish your decking in years to come. Because composite decking is made from recycled plastics, your beautiful deck may look like real wood, but it is not. Maintaining a composite deck in Michigan is much easier than maintaining a wood deck now, and in the future. Clean up can be as easy as sweeping or taking a power washer to your deck without having to worry about damaging the appearance of your deck.

With wood decks, a power washer can strip the finish leaving an uneven appearance on your deck. Composite decking is not only a low maintenance option, but will also outlast a wood deck. Wood decks can warp or can splinter, resulting in a painful barefoot walk across your deck. No need to worry about a composite deck splintering or warping after installation. Once again because composite decking is not real wood, but recycled plastic, the durability will outlast other decking materials.

If you are looking to add a low maintenance composite deck to your Michigan home, contact us today. We will work with you from the design stage up until the completion of your deck in which we will explain proper care or maintenance.

If you are still interested in a solid wood deck, we do build wood decks as well as cedar decks in Michigan.


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