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Low Maintenance Deck Builders in Michigan>

Looking to build a deck but want to avoid the stress of maintaining it? You’re in luck!  Did you know that deck builders in Michigan could design your deck to require little maintenance?

What defines a low maintenance deck in Michigan?

Cleaning or replacement:

Cleaning or replacement can be a hassle. Miles Bradley builds low maintenance decks that are very easy to clean. The material PVC is very easy to clean and moisture resistance. This means that it can handle the Michigan weather changes really well as  it will not swell or shrink like other materials.


Bugs on Michigan decks in the summer and spring could be vicious. Miles Bradley can build low maintenance decks that have a natural resistance to insects. Low maintenance decking material eliminates the problem of termites eating through boards, which call for board replacement down the line. Thus, saving you money.

Long Lasting:

Certain materials last longer than others. At Miles Bradley, we build decks or patios that last long and easy to maintain. Composite decking materials last longer because they do not rot, crack, or splinter, eliminating the need to replace deck boards.


Michigan weather can be very unpredictable. One day it could be 80 degrees and the next day it could be snow. Setting up and breaking down patio or deck furniture could take up a lot time and energy. Low maintenance deck furniture alternative could be getting deck furniture built into your deck. Building a bench or table that could not be moved can take away some of your maintenance anxiety. Deck furniture that is built into your deck’s design is low maintenance and can out last plastic patio sets.

To get started designing your long lasting, low maintenance composite deck in Michigan today, contact us! We will be glad to tell you exactly how much you can when  having your low maintenance deck built in Michigan now!

Miles Bradley also services the Chicago, Illinois area.


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