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Storing Items Under Deck in Winter

Looking for more storage options for your home? Say goodbye to renting space in your local storage unit. The perfect storage unit is right under your nose. The dry space under your deck is the perfect area to store your items that you don’t have room for in the house or the garage in the winter.

Getting a low cost deck built in Michigan in the winter is a great investment. Not only will you have a space to relax on warm days, you will also have a versatile space for storing items under deck in the winter. You will no longer have to leave ugly storage bins laying around the house. Storing items under your deck in the winter will be easy and aesthetically appealing. When you move storage out of your house to store items under the deck in your home, you will create more living space in your home. Did you know that investing in a deck can get you more money? Having a deck built can increase the value of your home which will be helpful if you ever had to sell it. It may also make it easier to sale because people love the versatility of decks or the dry spaces under the decks for winter storage.

You can use the dryspace for:

  • Bicycle storage under deck in winter
  • Furniture storage under deck in winter
  • Food Storage under deck in winter
  • Toys or other memorabilia under deck in winter
  • Christmas gift storage under deck in winter

Miles Bradley is your preferred Michigan low maintenance deck builder for dry spaces under your deck in Farmington Hills. We provide exceptional workmanship when building your dry space under deck for storage. Miles Bradley is a competitively priced and a consumer oriented business with great reviews to back it up. We have been in the custom decking industry for over 20 years providing the perfect under deck storage space for you. Contact us today for a free quote so that you can start storing items under your deck for winter.

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